Trump at the Movies: Dismantling Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead (Preview)
by Matthew Harle

Charles Burnett: A Cinema of Symbolic Knowledge
by James Naremore

Adventures in Cognitive Dissonance: Kusturica, Küstendorf, and Left Authoritarianism
by Richard Porton

Divine Girlhoods: Filming Young Women in France’s Banlieues
by Naomi Vogt

Beauties and the Beasts in Blu-ray: One Million Years B.C. and When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Web Exclusive)
Reviewed by Robert Cashill

Maurice, Restored and Re-released (Web Exclusive)
Reviewed by Rodney F. Hill

Lav Diaz's  The Woman Who Left

Lav Diaz's The Woman Who Left

Film Reviews

T2 Trainspotting (Preview)
Reviewed by Jonathan Murray

Personal Shopper
Reviewed by Glenn Heath Jr.

Get Out
Reviewed by Steve Erickson

The Lost City of Z
Reviewed by Darragh O'Donohue

The Woman Who Left
Reviewed by Aaron Cutler

Land of Mine
Reviewed by Stuart Liebman

Black Girl

Black Girl

Blu-ray and DVD Reviews

The Exterminating Angel
by David Sterritt

Property Is No Longer a Theft
Reviewed by Deborah Young

Canoa: A Shameful Memory
Reviewed by Matt Losada

The Tree of Wooden Clogs
Reviewed by Declan McGrath

Reviewed by Cynthia Lucia

The Klansman
Reviewed by Christopher Sharrett

Staff Recommendations: Cinema Novo, DelugePoliceThe Skull, and Two for the Road
Reviewed by Cineaste Editors

The Lovers on the Bridge (Web Exclusive)
Reviewed by David Sterritt

Bells Are Ringing (Web Exclusive)
Reviewed by Darragh O’Donoghue

Tharlo (Web Exclusive)
Reviewed by Aaron Cutler

Black Girl (Web Exclusive)
Reviewed by Herb Boyd

A Farewell to Andrzej Wajda

A Farewell to Andrzej Wajda


The Consciousness of the Camera: An Interview with Anthony Richmond
by Paul Risker

Revisiting the Scene of the Crime: An Interview with Felipe Cazals
by Dennis West

The Quiet Passion of Emily Dickinson: An Interview with Terence Davies
by Maria Garcia

Small Enough to Jail: An Interview with Steve James and Mark Mitten
by Dan Lybarger

A Farewell to Andrzej Wajda: An Interview with Andrzej Krakowski
by  Stuart Liebman and Leonard Quart

Nathalie Léger's  Suite for Barbara Loden

Nathalie Léger's Suite for Barbara Loden

Book Reviews

Steven Spielberg: A Life in Films
Reviewed by Patrick McGilligan

The Cinema Hypothesis: Teaching Cinema in the Classroom and Beyond (Preview)
Reviewed by Adrian Martin

Suite for Barbara Loden
Reviewed by Tanner Tafelski

Charles Walters: The Director Who Made Hollywood Dance
Reviewed by Karen Backstein

Hollywood Divided: The 1950 Screen Directors Guild Meeting and the Impact of the Blacklist
Reviewed by Larry Ceplair

The Extraordinary Image: Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and the Reimagining of Cinema
Reviewed by David Greven








The Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival (Web Exclusive)
by Darragh O'Donoghue



Short Takes