Orson Welles

Orson Welles


Before Citizen Kane: Orson Welles and the Making of Too Much Johnson
by Patrick McGilligan

Black Sunset: Hollywood Sex, Lies, Glamour, Betrayal, and Raging Egos
by Clancy Sigal

The Cut and Thrust: The Power of Political Debate in the Films of Ken Loach
by Graham Fuller



Film Reviews

The New Girlfriend
Reviewed by Darragh O’Donoghue

Reviewed by Jonathan Murray

Reviewed by Jordan Cronk

Merchants of Doubt
Reviewed by Charles Musser

Reviewed by Aaron Cutler

The Confession

The Confession

Blu-ray and DVD Reviews

Odd Man Out
Reviewed by Michael Gray

Winter Sleep
Reviewed by Darragh O’Donoghue

The Confession
Reviewed by Jonathan Kirshner

A Tale of Winter and A Summer’s Tale
Reviewed by Adam Bingham

Le silence de la mer
Reviewed by Stuart Liebman

Wolf Hall
Reviewed by David Sterrit

Staff Recommendations: The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Limelight, Our Man in Tehran, The River, and That Man from Rio
Reviewed by Cineaste Editors

Michael Collins (Web Exclusive)
Reviewed by Gary Crowdus



Walter Murch

Walter Murch


Film Editing, Plumbing, and Revolution: An Interview with Walter Murch
by Declan McGrath

Back to the Boys: An Interview with William Friedkin
by Matthew Hays

Creating Complex Images: An Interview with Roy Andersson
by Richard Porton

An Evanescent Girlhood: An Interview with Alice Rohrwacher
by Maria Garcia

Vidal versus Buckley and the End of “Balanced” News: An Interview with Robert Gordon
by Michael Guillén

Action Vérité Comes to Cartel Land: An Interview with Matthew Heineman
by Dennis West and Joan M. West

Simple Stories: An Interview with Wang Bing (Web Exclusive)
by Aaron Cutler

Cat People

Cat People

Book Reviews

A Kim Jong-Il Production: The Extraordinary True Story of a Kidnapped Filmmaker, His Star Actress, and a Young Dictator’s Rise to Power
Reviewed by Christoph Huber

The Experience Machine and Cinema Beyond Territory
Reviewed by A. S. Hamrah

André Bazin’s New Media
Reviewed by Nafis Shafizadeh

Asghar Farhadi: Life and Cinema
Reviewed by Steve Erickson

Phantom Ladies: Hollywood Horror and the Home Front
Reviewed by Joan M. West

Film Criticism, the Cold War, and the Blacklist: Reading the Hollywood Reds
Reviewed by Larry Ceplair

Devised and Directed by Mike Leigh
Reviewed by Jonathan Murray

The Dawn of Technicolor, 1915–1935 (Web Exclusive)
by Robert Cashill

The 2015 Oberhausen International Short Film Festival

The 2015 Oberhausen International Short Film Festival